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An Athletic Academy to Gain Confidence + Build Life Skills through the FUNdamentals of Basketball


Learning to play basketball is just the beginning

B-Ballerz Athletic Academy is a unique basketball training centre that empowers kids to grow through sport. Our Programs follow Canada Basketball’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Curriculum is athlete-centred and coach-driven.

We promote fun, fitness, social interaction and self-fulfillment in an all-inclusive environment. All of our programs are designed to teach children ages 18 months to 12 years (of all skill levels) to develop a better mind/body connection, and show them how to become leaders.

B-Ballerz Athletic Academy helps get your kids off the couch and away from screens, to get active in a fun environment!


why b-ballerz athletic academy?

B-Ballerz Athletic Academy (BBAA) is a sports club for children that focuses on developing greater confidence, fitness and social skills through the game of basketball and physical literacy.

We offer coed basketball and athletic training programs designed to put the FUN back into the FUNdamental development of movement and sport! Our goal is to help our students build confidence and live an active life through the love for the game of basketball.

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Check out our video below to learn about the positive impact of exposing children to sports from an early age.

Our mission

To empower kids through basketball, fitness and early healthy habits, to last a life-time.

Our vision

Provide opportunities for kids in all communities to find joy in sport and physical literacy.

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beyond basketball

Our program is designed to improve more than just growing athletes. We teach life skills in a FUN, SAFE, POSITIVE and INCLUSIVE environment, with an emphasis on:

better kids, better athletes. Here’s how we help:

IMPROVEMENT in Strength and ENDURANCE, balance, coordination, heart health & body composition

Building friendships that have a lifelong impact by fostering a sense of community & teamwork

teach kids the necessity & importance of living a healthy lifestyle + show them how

develop self discipline, focus, communication skills & self confidence

the perfect stress relief & mood booster

Open doors & opportunities.

It is a very good and excellent environment and the behavior of the coaches is very friendly and caring, and compared to other classes, where the coach stands in the corner and uses the old students to teach the new students, here the coach is in the field from the beginning. He is with the students and is teaching them and motivating them until the last moment, and he tries to keep the students in a high morale level and also works a lot on their self-confidence. I just hope that the new classes As soon as this club starts in Richmond Hill or Aurora area, it will be easier for the families who live in these areas to access it.
Shervin VafadoostParent
This is a great facility with very experienced coaches.They have helped my son to develop more confidence in his game. I highly recommend it.
Ani HahParent
Great experience in this club. Professional, friendly and dedicated to kids. My boys love their coaches and their training.
Negin FarjadParent
Lovely family and most patient coach that I know. Couldn’t find any better basketball class for my 6 years old son. Keep up the great job Coach Erfan and Celine.
Marzieh AnsariParent
I’m so happy to be a part of the B-Ballerz Athletic Academy. I’ve already improved so much in just a short amount of time. ”
Jacob Burgess4th grade athlete
“ To have the opportunity to train with B-Ballerz is an amazing resource. I would highly recommend any parent that wants to encourage their child to improve his basketball skills to train at B-Ballerz Athletic academy.”
Pablo Andrewsparent
“ Very professional coaches. They are dedicated to helping the kids improve their skills. My 13 year-old refuses to miss a practice. We are very thankful for the
B-Ballerz Athletic Academy coaches. ”
Rachael CopelandParent

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Programs & Classes

B-Ballerz Athletic Academy (BBAA) is a youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, to learn and play, motivating children to be active, promoting the use of size appropriate equipment to help them succeed while focusing on foundational skills to improve physical literacy following a holistic approach.

Learning through exercise, sports and play combined with early childhood education stimulates their minds, develops their body and boosts their confidence transitioning into new stages of life.

One of Canada’s only toddler, preschool and elementary basketball programs designed to incorporate social skills and introduce educational elements as young athletes are exposed to shapes, numbers, colours, letters, animals, healthy habits, fitness and more.