B-Ballerz is a family run business with strong family values. When you join the B-Ballerz family, you become a part of something bigger than just the game. Basketball changed our lives and we want to show you how it can change yours!


our story: Where it all started...

B-Ballerz Athletic Academy (BBAA) is designed to develop FUNdamental movement, sport and athletic skills using Canada Basketball’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).

Co-owners, Erfan and Celine Nasajpour, met on the court and credit basketball for bringing them together through an incredible journey, to ultimately become excellent role models for their own children and the entire York Region community. 

“Basketball has paved the way for who we are as individuals, as a couple and as business owners. Basketball took us away from distractions and opened the doors to pursue our dreams! This is why we are so passionate about empowering kids through this sport and educating them about opportunities that will benefit their entire lives!” 

~ Coach Erfan

Meet the FOunDers


CO-FOUNDER & Director

Ranked the number #1 player in Manitoba his graduating year (2002) helped Erfan Nasajpour earn a Full Athletic Scholarship to the University of Winnipeg where Erfan was named two-time Athlete of the Year, Academic All-Canadian and two-time Basketball All-Canadian.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Children’s Developmental Psychology Mr. Nasajpour went on to represent Team Canada in International competition against the world’s best athletes. 

Erfan went on to play 10 years of professional basketball in Asia and is now the co-founder of B-Ballerz Academy, a Certified Master Health Coach, Certified Youth Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Mental Game Professional looking to positively impact the next generation of Ballerz!

Celine Jahanbakhsh

Co-founder & President

Introducing our extraordinary co-founder and president with a remarkable background as an ex-professional basketball athlete, her passion for the game has laid the foundation for the incredible success of B-Ballerz Athletic Academy.

Combining her sporting expertise with an impressive career as a project manager, she possess an exceptional ability to lead and strategize, ensuring the academy reaches new heights.

Not content with her accomplishments, our esteemed co-founder has also obtained certification as a youth personal coach from the prestigious ISSA. This distinction exemplifies her dedication to nurturing and developing young athletes, inspiring them to unlock their full potential.

However, her achievements don’t end there, as she gracefully balances the demands of her professional endeavors with her unwavering commitment to family. As a devoted mother, she understands the importance of providing a supportive environment for young athletes to flourish, fostering a sense of community within B-Ballerz Athletic Academy.

With her unparalleled drive, multifaceted expertise, and remarkable ability to inspire greatness in others, our co-founder and president embodies the essence of B-Ballerz Athletic Academy’s vision.

Our staff

Experienced & Passionate



Master Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and aspiring police officer, Coach Traian graduated from Guelph University with a Kinesiology degree and Master of Science in Biomechanics.

After working as an Assistant Trainer at Athlete Institute/Orangeville Prep with future NBA players we are now proud to have Coach Traian join the Attack Basketball team!  



Shaunik is safe sport trained and approved who plays multiple sports. His passion for athletics has led him to a travel baseball team and also competes on his high school basketball team. Coach Shaunik‘s hobbies are cooking and spending time with family and friends. He is eager to learn and not afraid to be a leader.



Mahshid is a former professional athlete and has great experience working with youth. She has a passion for fitness and has coached at a national level. Coach Mahshid has also planned 3×3 FIBA Basketball events. Kids love her positive attitude and radiant energy.

Building strong bodies, shaping strong minds

B-Ballerz is dedicated to empowering the next generation of ballerz – young athletes who are eager to excel in both sports and life. 

Our mission is to equip children with the essential tools and skills that install confidence, not only on the court but also in their every endeavours. 

We believe that sports can be a powerful vehicle for personal growth, teamwork, and character development. Through our carefully curated programs and resources, we aim to inspire, educate, and mentor young athletes to unleash their full potential.

Join us on this journey as we shape the future of ballerz, nurturing a generation of resilient, determined, and confident individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Where Dreams Take Flight, Athletes Shine Bright